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This site is for guys looking to hook up with the girls in other countries.

In each city I've been to I rate your chance of hooking up along with what to do during the day, where to sleep, and what spots to hit at night.

Their stunning exotic looks are combined with modest and lovely personalities.

Many women in urban Bolivia obtain education and they are now emerging as business people and community leaders.

Hating, or speaking poorly of others only makes the community weaker.

We must band together to share the strength of the love, respect, kindness,and ingenuity that only decendants of the condor/Inca, could muster!

You’d have to hang around the major cities and universities for a while before getting a date in Bolivia.

For advice on how to pick girls up, take a look at my game tips newsletter, which complements my book Bang. I repeat, Bolivia is the POOREST country is South America.

Things are far from modern though and gender roles are like in the old days where the woman is a domestic slave and the guy pays all the bills.

Even if you should get lucky in a rural area, if you get caught you’ll be expected to tie the knot at once or else face a public lynching.

Do not come here unless there is something specific you want to see, like the Potosi mine or the spectacular Salar de Uyuni.

Could this be the ugliest country in South America? The girls here have very round, chubby faces with prominent features and jet black hair.

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Free love has yet to come to most of Bolivia, only maybe closer to the Argentine border might you find some more modern attitudes towards sexuality.

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