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Auto Zone 107 NW Main St in Bunkie, LA is your go-to destination for quality aftermarket auto parts, do-it-yourself repair advice and tools, and everything you need to keep your car, truck or SUV running smoothly.Every Auto Zone in Bunkie, LA offers free in-store Battery Testing, Battery Charging, Oil Recycling, our Loan-A-Tool® Program and Fix Finder - a simple Check Engine light tool that utilizes an extensive database from ASE certified mechanics to find the most likely fix.I made small talk, asking her name, where she was from, how much time she had to do, the tiny set of questions that I thought were acceptable to ask.Her name was Janet, she was from Brooklyn, and she had sixty months.If you like shopping, browsing through stores, dining at new restaurants or trying out new services - you will love mystery shopping!It’s a lot of fun, the hours are flexible and the opportunities are endless.

You will visit various stores and restaurants in your area and pretend to be an average customer.She seemed to think I was weird for talking to her. This place is a dump.” She said this all pretty cheerfully, and I was stunned that anyone returning to prison could be so matter-of-fact and upbeat. I just wanted to tell you all that I’m sorry you’re here.A small white woman on the other side of the room, on the other hand, was chatty. Another white woman in the group was also back in for a violation, and she was bitter, which made more sense to me. I don’t know what landed you here, but whatever happened, I wish things were different. We also require you some basic information like your age, gender and to record your personal message of up to 30 seconds with your name, a personal description and what you're looking for.The federal post office in town contains a mural, Cotton Pickers, painted in 1939 during the Great Depression by Caroline Speare Rohland.

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