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Oracle updating a view

Views can provide advantages over tables: Just as a function (in programming) can provide abstraction, so can a database view.In another parallel with functions, database users can manipulate nested views, thus one view can aggregate data from other views.These operations are also called data manipulation language (DML) operations.To perform more complex operations, for example a SQL SELECT query that uses the JOIN operator, you can use the SQLEXECUTE operation.The most common offender is the “Volkswagen” coder who prefixes or suffixes the _” in violation of ISO-11179 rules. This is as silly as prefixing every noun in a novel with “n_” so the reader will know that the word is a noun in English grammar.

The return value for an Insert operation is the number of rows inserted.Just as rows in a base table lack any defined ordering, rows available through a view do not appear with any default sorting.SQL Views are essential for the database a virtual table, defined by a query, that does not exist until it is invoked by name in an SQL statement.This may sound simple enough, but some developers have difficulties with the concept.

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