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Post bomb radiocarbon dating

So while the federal government delisted wolves in Montana and Idaho last year after those states agreed to management plans that included controlled wolf hunts, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) kept Wyoming wolves on the endangered list [Washington Post].

The judge’s ruling, then, was that the wolves must be treated as a whole population rather than individual populations in the states—after all, gray wolves don’t know if they’ve crossed the border from Montana to Wyoming when they go looking for new territory.

“Today’s ruling makes it clear this wolf population cannot be delisted until the state of Wyoming has instituted an adequate management programme, similar to those of Idaho and Montana” [New Scientist].On a foggy spring morning just before sunrise, 27 miles northwest of Cape Mendocino, California, a pimple of rock roughly a dozen miles below the ocean floor finally reaches its breaking point.Two slabs of the Earth’s crust begin to slip and shudder and snap apart.On the European continent, the oldest megalithic sites are dated around 3,000 BC, and the popular Stonehenge is dated between 2,400 BC and 1,800 BC.This is the established chronology being taught in schools and believed by modern society.

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Prehistoric societies such as Atlantis have been declared myth.

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