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The men rotate between the women every three minutes.Daters then write down the badge number of the people they liked.Nor am I one of those stressed out kinds of single people, who appear to view finding “the one” in a similar way to defusing a bomb. So when we went to Comic-Con (full report on that HERE) and Stephanie said, “You are going to do this Sci-Fi Speed Dating thing,” I was like, “Okay.” I have never done speed dating or Internet dating or blind dating before, so I thought it would be cool to give my dating life a weird edge for once.And while I wasn’t really EXPECTING to have success, I also wasn’t closed to the possibility. No two Flip Orley shows are the same, which is why he's been a DC Improv favorite since the 1990s.He jokes quite frequently that he loves his job because it allows him to go to comic conventions for free.Sci-Fi Speed Dating is not just reserved for those of the heterosexual persuasion.If they match at the end of the night, they exchange contact info.But the biggest question everyone has about any dating process is: Does it actually work?

Thankfully, there’s Sci-Fi Speed dating to help get all that awful introduction stuff over with quickly and semi-painlessly.

Flip uses hypnosis to turn audience members into the stars of the show.

He leads volunteers through twisted scenarios, getting reactions that are almost beyond belief – and he does it all without humiliating anyone.

If you don’t have someone special to ring in the new year with, don’t worry; Party Con and Sci-Fi Speed Dating have your back!

Sci-Fi Speed Dating is a fun and safe way for geeks to kindle a romance.

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Glitch, a large jovial man, is often seen clothed in both his formal and informal Jedi robes.

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