Seattle boomer speed dating

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Seattle boomer speed dating

Travel happens to be a great way to meet people and become a more interesting person.

Additionally, with a partner and a group of talented collaborators, I’ve also recently launched a new multi-authored travel magazine, Getting On Travel, aimed at midlife (and beyond) luxury travelers.

LGBT and straight book lovers of the Baby Boom era you could meet your next love at the San Francisco Public Library.

There was no other place on the Internet that offered advice on handling the tricky dilemmas of making and keeping friends, or on ending friendships that have run their course.

In classic speed dating style, you will have 4 - 5 minutes to talk with every participant about your favorite, most loathsome, perplexing or intriguing book and have the opportunity to potentially meet your next sweetheart.

The dating events are aimed at adult Baby Boomers, although all ages are welcome to attend.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the supportive community that Traveling with multiple cameras, we try not to miss any what-once-were Kodak moments.

Phil, Judge Judy, 60 Minutes, NFL football, and your favorite CBS shows.

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(This page is limited to women only; it isn’t intended as a matchmaking site for opposite gender relationships.) Because friendship problems aren’t exclusively a female phenomenon, I’ve also set up a Friendship Blog Connection Page – For Men on Facebook.