Vray unhandled exception updating

Posted by / 09-Nov-2016 21:32

i downloaded the latest custom build version (vrayblender-2.68-58371-windows-x86) from here and also vray from Maya demo. now when i open vrayblender i can see a few differences from 2.65 version.there's no vray 2.0 in render engines list, instead there's a vray which when i select it i can't find the "export meshes" button next to "Render" button.

- What should I do when V-ray turning off during rendering? - How to render the scene with many millions of polygons?So, how can I check to see if 3is running (from inside a windows batch file)? Rendering X frames before crash is usually a memory leak. I've narrowed the error down to the raycast acceleration phase of vray, where 3either instantly closes or vray throws an 'unhandled exception' where vray couldn't allocate enough memory.Here's some made up code that illustrates what I'd like to do: while text File.contents == false if os.process.3== true then (wait) else (launch max w/ maxscript)Thanks stigatle, that does help. The error is related to the number of motion blur geometry samples - if I turn the samples down to 2 it renders 75% of the time - but I've got radial motion blur happening on a propeller, so I need around 10 samples.does exporter need a full version of vray stand alone?cause i kept seeing that it works with demo version.

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Error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Rendering frame last marker is at./src/ vray render cpp.

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