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Jonathan Taylor Thomas has a buoyant, cheerful disposition and he reaches out to others in a warm, open and friendly way., which debuted on ABC in September 1991 and quickly became a ratings juggernaut.Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the object of every teen and tween's affection in the 1990s, is celebrating his 34th birthday today, Sept. The heartthrob — known to the Tiger Beat crowd as JTT — walked onto the scene (and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who started on Home Improvement when he was 10 years old, is celebrating his 34th birthday on Sept. Bonilla (1988) Hip-Hop star Wiz Khalifa (1987) R&B singer Leah Labelle (1986) Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas (1981) Rapper Slim Thug (1980) A...8This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Your '90s Teenage Dream, Is 34 Today: See the Happy Birthday to: Pop star P! Read More Do you remember, as a kid, watching your favorite cartoon and realizing that you were focusing a little too much on one of the characters?

Though he would go on to star in other kids' movies, like "Tom & Huck" and "Wild America," we'll always know him as the oversize-shirt-wearing child star with the smirky smile.His portrayal as Tom Sawyer cemented his place as my first movie boyfriend, for the following reasons and more.I mean…the swagger I tried to think of a non-creepy noun to use here since JTT was a kid in , but let’s just go ahead and agree that from here forward, 10-year-old Jen is writing this. Tom was just so damn cute and charming, with mannerisms that always seemed like he was keeping a secret that you desperately needed to know.I’d watch JTT’s movies – until just a couple weeks ago because by 1998, I had already moved on to Leonardo Di Caprio and Josh Hartnett.But I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and especially for the first movie I ever remember seeing him in: , which turns 20 today (wow).

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